Sydkustens sommarmöte18

About Mikaela
• Mother to three wonderful children
• Married to a hard-working entrepreneur husband, Jarmo
• Member of the Parliament since 2003, Member of the Education and Culture Committee
• Chair of the Porvoo City Council, Chair of the National Island Committee, Member of the Advisory Board on Veterans’ Affairs in Finland, Chair of the Advisory Board on Swedish Education at HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences, Chair of the “Sydkusten” Provincial Federation, Chair of the Network For Sign Languages at the Parliament of Finland
• Work experience: has taught law at vocational school and polytechnics, advisor to Astrid Thors (Member of the European Parliament), Special Advisor to Jan-Erik Enestam (Minister of Defence) and Special Adviser to the Ministers’ Group of the Swedish People’s Party.
• Born in 1970

10 important principles in Mikaela’s work life
• Facts & knowledge
• Vision & awareness
• Ability to co-operate
• Education & equal chances
• Creating chances
• Ability to form a comprehensive overall view
• Ability to listen & to show empathy
• Good networks
• Future oriented
• The constitution

10 important principles in Mikaela’s private life
• Family of course
• Socialising with family & friends
• Joy of life & commitment
• Harmonious life
• Live & let live
• When a door closes a window opens
• Good, local raw materials make tasty food
• Cottage & the archipelago
• Salmiak (salty liquorice) & dark roasted coffee