Parliamentary elections 2019

A society with Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability is a safe society.    You are welcome to come and meet me here 8.4 at 11am Cafémeeting at Monica’s Café in Lapinjärvi 8.4 at 12.30pm Cafémeeting at Antik-Anna, Lapinjärvi 9.4 at 5pm

You can meet me here

Friday 10th April Vaalipaneeli, Linnankosken Lukio, Porvoo klo 9.45-11 Kolifej, Iso Kylätie 20, Nikkilä klo 15.30-16.30 Cafe Cabriole, Porvoo klo 17-18 Saturday 11th April Loviisa, tori klo 9-10 Porvoo, Lundin aukio klo 10.30-13 Sunday 12th April Myyrmäki (Vantaa), Myyrmäenraitti klo 13-14 Tikkurila (Vantaa), Tikkuraitti klo 14.30-15.30 Monday