A society with Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability is a safe society. 


You are welcome to come and meet me here

8.4 at 11am Cafémeeting at Monica’s Café in Lapinjärvi

8.4 at 12.30pm Cafémeeting at Antik-Anna, Lapinjärvi

9.4 at 5pm Cafémeeting, Sandro, Tapiola

10.4 at 4pm Tolsa station, Kirkkonummi

11.4 at 10am Cafémeeting, Café Control, Nikkilä

11.4 at 11.30am Cafémeeting, Café Pikkurastas, Söderkulla

11.4 at 4pm Campaigning, kauppakeskus Pikkulaiva, Espoo

12.4 at 8.30am Café&Bar Tirkku, Isnäs

12.4 at 10am K-Market, Koskenkylä

12.4 at 12pm S-market, Loviisa

12.4 at 2pm  Sale, Lapinjärvi

12.4 at 4pm K-market, Tarmola

13.4 at 10 am to 1pm Porvoo Market Square

13.4 at 2pm Children’s party, Kvarnbackens skola


You may vote in advance (3-9.4) and on the election day 14.4.